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Sharff Group Ltd. was founded by Aharon Sharff - a Professional Civil Engineer with a wealth of knowledge and experience of over 20 years in leading worldwide complex infrastructure projects in both design and construction.
Thanks to high professional capabilities and advanced technological tools, Sharff Group has successfully been able to provide a high-level of design standards and project management services. The company provides a complete engineering design and project management solution for all phases of the project, from feasibility study, budget, and schedules framework, through a complete design package, permitting approvals, preparation of bid documents and leads the process of construction to the end.
During the construction phase, the company provides construction administration services: management, oversight, support, inspection, and documentation.
Sharff Group provides a range of creative services in the field of Civil Engineering as follows:
  • Transportation– highway and roadway planning, and a wide range of unique engineering solutions for traffic, various means of transportation of passengers and cargo.
  • Stormwater Runoffhydrology and drainage analysis and design of stormwater and best management practice.
  • Pipelines– system design water distribution system, sewage systemas as well as tunnel design for various underground utility lines.
  • Coastal Projects– infrastructure design solution ofroadways, embankment, and structures in the marine environment.
  • Green Energy– design and implementation of solar,wind farms, and geothermal energy facilities.
Multidisciplinary skills differentiate & characterize SharffGroup, enabling us to provide our clients with end-to-end comprehensive solutions in the field of Civil Engineering. Our solutions are further supported with innovation, creativity, practicality. 


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